Who should do this?

This program is available to individuals with prior experience in the spa and wellness industry or who want to start their own spa business.

The program is recommended to different individuals:

Senior Spa Therapists, Senior Beauty Therapists, Spa Supervisors: This course will help you to take another step in your career and become a spa manager.

Spa Managers: This course will give you more understanding of the spa operations and will also update you with the latest trends in the industry. It will help you manage the resources whether it’s human resource, products etc. It will also teach you how to manage your staff and guests more efficiently.

Spa operators & promoters: The spa and wellness industry is growing rapidly and also there are a lot of changes happening around the world. As a business owner and promoter, you should be aware of the latest trends, techniques etc. that are coming up in the market.

Graduates of Ayurveda & Naturopathy programs like BAMS: With so many spas and wellness center coming up, there will be huge demand for therapists as well as spa managers. As you have a sound knowledge of the treatments and procedure, this course will help you get a dream job at any 5 star Spa Resort or Hotel.

If you fall under a different category, you can still pursue the course. Feel free to write to us so that we can evaluate your qualifications and experience to determine your eligibility for this unique e-Learning course.



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