Rules and Regulations

1. All content and course matter present on the website is the sole property of the OSA and may not be copied or reproduced completely or in part thereof without the explicit written consent of OSA.

2. OSA user IDs and Passwords are strictly non-transferable. Students are not allowed to share their login information with anyone.

3. In case of any misuse of resources, access to enrolled courses will be deactivated without prior notice.

4. The academy reserves the right to change course curriculum or fee when necessary. Students will be notified as early as possible.

5. Assignments are part of the curriculum and must be submitted within the stipulated time. If you fail in an assignment, you will have to redo the assignment.

6. Assignments are for your learning. Doing the assignments yourself will help you gain more knowledge and understanding of the topic and the course. Do not copy & paste other’s work as your assignment.

7. Course Fee has to be paid in full once you register for the Certificate in Spa Management & Operations. We do not take payments in installments.

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