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OSA elearn is an online platform of Orient Spa Academy, India. We are a leading brand in the country conducting and delivering spa management courses successfully. Now, for the first time in India, we are glad to announce the launch of e-version of the spa management program for the benefit of students from all over the world. As a world-class education provider, we are privileged to announce that this program is the first-of-its-kind in the country.

The OSA elearn has adopted a contemporary approach to the study methodology for spa management and education. As the demands of business constantly change on a global level, education also needs to be provided on an accelerated basis. As a vibrant education provider delivering excellence in education in specialized areas of spa management, we offer students a student-focused learning environment. Additionally, we provide the students with practical insight and the necessary skills that are needed by fresh graduates to shape their spa & wellness careers.

Our course is especially designed to put students at the forefront of the spa and wellness industry. At the OSA elearn, we offer the advantages of providing a research based environment along with an e-course that is distilled and culled from years of experience, knowledge and skill. Our course applies the knowledge to challenges we have discovered in the real world. We truly focus on high quality study and the adaptation of the latest course delivery technologies.

With us, the student is always under the spot light of modern educational environment. We thoroughly ensure that the students are strongly equipped with a strong knowledge base in what is now an increasingly competitive employment environment. OSA elearn exists to gain knowledge and help individuals become successful in different areas of life. Due to the commitment of our staff and our dedication and zeal, we offer the best in e-learning when it comes to spa management. With OSA elearn, you not only get life-skills that help you seek and obtain employment, but also obtain knowledge that will remain with you for a lifetime.

About OSA

Orient Spa Academy (OSA) is one of India's leading Spa & Wellness Schools with its branches at Jaipur, Kollam and Ahmedabad. OSA's Jaipur Campus was set up in 2005 with an aim to provide the Indian Spa & Wellness industry with qualified & professionally trained spa & beauty professionals. Presently, OSA has established itself as the leading spa training institute in India offering variety of wellness, spa & beauty related courses.

The academy has been shaping the future of those who wish to develop or enhance their careers as spa professionals through its internationally affiliated and certified programs. Further, OSA helps prospective owners and developers to understand the 'business of wellness' closely by offering them industry orientation programs, 360 degree assistance during start-up and spa up-gradation programs to existing spas and wellness centers.

Orient Spa Academy offers intellectually stimulating and industry endorsed courses to make our students job ready. These courses include Certificate and Diploma in Spa Therapies, Management & Operations. We have students from across the globe for Certificate in Spa Management & Operations.



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